Cradem Aventure - The Ostrogoths


In 1990, the Middle Age group, Cradem Aventure, was founded in Rostock . Between the walks, the street music, the concerts and the fantastic dreams, the founding members met in a room of a village on the coast close to Rostock , in a marvellous and isolated property.


These members were:

Andre Strugalla - known as Dr. Pymonte/now at EXTREMO

Ralf Shadan von Entrecart - known as Shadan von Berkano

Stefan Rödel - known as Abul von Kabul/now at VARIUS COLORIBUS

Armando Chuh - known as the Brazilian one/now in famous jazz bands.


They had many musical ideas, were young and each one of them developed its own style. After 5 years of joint work, of joint experimentation, of common life, each one had to go his way, to realize his dreams.


Point of view - Dr. Pymonte remembers:

For me, it was a free, wild and honest time at Cradem, which I remember gladly.


Point of view - Shadan von Berkano remembers:

We were friends, we always remained and we still meet today, whenever we have time, Pymonte, Abul and I, 15 years afterwards. I had a dream. Cradem Aventure was made for the music and the Gothic, Germanic, Nordic culture, in short, for the Nordic cult. I had to come away, to seek new colleagues; men with charisma, an influence and strong characters and, moreover, which had to be musicians. Colleagues who were versed in the Nordic myths and legends and were also ready to bring this knowledge on the scene. Ready for the show with a breath of imagination and a lot of work. Thus I search my ideal of colleagues. In the meantime, I received many offers of famous Middle Age groups and I accepted some of these offers as an invited musician to survive. Naturally, these offers often represented interesting experiments, but I wanted to carry out my dream and did not let me irritate, influence or discourage - I wanted the Nordic cult.


In 1998, a new departure was given, friends had met, and the dreams became reality.

The founding members were:

Ralf Shadan von Entrecart

Sebastian Schulz

Michael Schulz

Manfred Will

Shadan and Sebastian had agreed and are regarded as the founders of the new band formation. All became more demanding, older and attached also more importance to the shamanism knowledge of the Nordic Germanic cultural circle. Ideas had to be transposed in practice, different aspects were examined. Roacher and Jomi will choose other directions. The search continued and colleagues were found to join Cradem and in addition a solid friends ring.


Frank Herrmann - Carlos von Berkano

Raimo Adler - Raimo von Berkano

Claudia Harris - Zarina von Berkano

Thomas Mittmann - Hjalmar von Berkano


In 2003, Cradem Aventure - the last Ostrogoths - was on tour, had pleasure and many faithful fans. The form found to perform in public, the scenic show had an absolutely own style. History and imagination, myths and legends were amalgamated into one unit.


Point of view - Shadan von Berkano tells:

We had succeeded, we were on our way, we were the group of the Nordic cult. Although some affirm the opposite, those which followed us know that some scene ideas of the Middle Age brachial music, especially the old Nordic style, also appeared in the witch kitchen of Cradem Aventure.


In 2005, the Ostrogoths conquered the world.

The following goal is formulated. The desire of adventures, the joy of work determined their way for the public and the musical challenges.


Point of view - Sebastian von Berkano underlines:

. The wine is drunk, the bonds are tied, Cradem Aventure is our destiny.


(c)2007 Cradem Aventure 05.09.2007