• Review Anno Domini - Edition 06/2000 - Retrospective on the festival of the Reform with Wittenberg

    Quotation: "CRADEM AVENTURE", the Nordic lions with the howls of the bagpipe and pipes of almost Nordic countries. Music of the legends and songs of the brachial Gothic, a Nordic dance in circle. Sword fight of dragon killers and furious fire acrobatics. These are musics of pagan dances of the olden days. They have such a perfect command of the bagpipes that the ears buzz. "
  • Review "Pax et gaudium" - number 7/2002 - CD of CRADEM VENTURES: "Freiheit für alle" (freedom for all)

    If the boys became acquainted with a woman or if the winter were terribly tedious - only God knows the answer. The fact is that they succeeded in producing a CD with what everyone knows of them from the markets. There is here no particular point with the "Minnesang" (songs of the trouvères) particularly soft or with the haughty and affected manners. Who knows Cradem knows that these men never wear really clean shirts. They always act on me like four recluse Mongolian shamans, isolated from the time of the great cruel invasions. One still trusts here what really functions: drums, bags, horns, cymbals, rhythm and feeling. Who would like to have an outline of the extent of the group which does not turn in any event around the pot, must see the history scene. Who feels the shaman blood in him, this one needs some in any event. And to the others, we would say: It should not be enjoyed by Dad and Mom, you can also listen calmly to something forbidden. Cradem is the concentration on essence. It is a good thing that there are still such musicians.
  • Review "Pax et gaudium" - Number 10/2003

    Cradem Aventure, five musicians who do not consider themselves like pure Middle Age amateurs, but who have the rhythm in the first instance, immediately, from wherever it comes. In addition, they are influenced by the medieval music but also by gypsy rhythms and Indian music. Listen to their martial brachial presentation on their CD "Freiheit für alle" (freedom for all).
  • Revue "Karfunkel" - Number 58, June-July 2005 - CD of CRADEM AVENTURE: "Alles gut" (all is well)

    Purely pleasant bagpipe music? Who seeks that, is promised to find a rich exploitation of it on the new album of the sextet Cradem Aventure. The bagpipe and the percussion dominate the style without ornament of the group which is characterized itself like the last Ostrogoths and are present in "Alles gut" (all is well), their third publication. "Minnesang" (song of the trouvères)? Certainly not! Cradem Aventure set to the brachial rhythm and eight pieces were created following this rhythm. Dance until falling backwards to the fire light; precipitate in the middle of the ecstatic dance ring - Cradem Aventure makes music of market for all those who want to be lost in music. "Alles gut" - that can be thought, if you give up yourself completely in music.



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